Saturday, June 09, 2018



Hai Gaiss...

Sedar tak sedar bulan Ramadan semakin sampai ke penghujungnya dan bulan Syawal bakal menjelma. So puasa uolls macam mana? And of course kaum hawa terutamanya mak - mak tengah sibuk buat persiapan kan? Mana nak fikir kemas rumah, juadah pagi raya, biskut raya, baju raya dan tak lupa juga duit raya. Yes, duit raya yang paling ditunggu oleh budak - budak yang datang bertandang ke rumah. hehehe

This week is very busy for me to prepare all this thing. Yaa, mana lagi dengan tempahan jahitan baju customer belum siap. Just for info, I working at the day Monday to Saturday, from 8:30 straight to 16:00. So, I have a free time to sewing at night after iftar. Sibuk siapkan baju raya customer baju raya sendiri dengan family pun belum sentuh lagi. hahaha.. Sampai my mom bising tanya bila nak siapkan langsir rumah.

So last night before bedtime, MB ambil masa sekejap untuk isi duit raya dalam sampul, tengah seronok masukkan duit ke dalam sampul baru MB perasan yang sampul tak cukup. I asked my mom and my siblings if they have another extra "sampul raya" but unfortunately they also don't have any extra envelope. With a feeling of disappointed, I persuade myself "It's Ok, tomorrow just go and buy at shop." and I went to sleep.

Tetiba pergi kerja harini terasa macam "eh, malaslah nak pergi beli sampul raya". hahahahaa.. Yup, that's me, yang excited semacam malam sebelumnya tapi esok pagi bangun dengan kemalasan. Seketul MB ne pun gigihlah check kat Facebook kalau ada yang share cara DIY Sampul Raya kan. And the result I found it at Facebook Group " Kelab Kaki Deco Barang Eco / Mr DIY ".


Boleh check kat link yang MB bagi kat atas untuk tengok cara dia. 


Haa, yang ne pula templated sampul. Tinggal print, potong, gam dan siap. Sesiapa yang ada telegram bolehlah print templated dari sini

Gambar di bawah ne pula hasil selepas MB print sendiri. hehee

So my "sampul raya" problem is settled. And here I attached a few template that I found. I bet the children must love it and excited so much.

Thursday, June 07, 2018



Hai Gaiss...

Hello! Masih ada yang ingat I tak? ^^ I have been absent from blogging for so long time, due to some reason. So MB terfikir nak buat giveaway of mine sempena meraihkan kemunculan setelah lama menyepi gittew. And yaa as you can see there have been so many changes to my new baby blog, credit to Aisyhah.

Its took me a long time and deep thinking before start it again. For those who have been supporting me from these past year, I must say I grateful to have you in my life. Alhamdulillah. Thank you from bottom of my heart, much love!

This is my very first giveaway to express my deepest gratitude to everyone and I'd like to invite all of you to join my little giveaway, to mark my return. So anyone of you will join this giveaway of mine? Its keep me wondering " ada tak yang nak join?". Well, I'll never know until I tried, right fellas? ^^ 

And to join my little giveaway, the rules are simple.


1. Create an entry with this title " COMEBACK GIVEAWAY by BYZURA HALIFAH "
2. Tag your 3 friends in your post.
3. Do follow my accounts here:
3. Copy and paste the banner above, and don't forget to backlink this entry. 
4. Leave your link in the comment section below, MB will be visit each one of you gaiss...

Easy right? Good luck! 

- One gift for one winner.

~ Shawl / Bawal (You can choose either shawl or bawal and the color) 
~ Butang Baju Melayu 
~ Cash RM10.00
~ Prepaid Reload RM5.00 (Any telco)

The winners will be picked through a lucky draw. I will put participants name in a jar and then pick the lucky names from the jar, gaiss.
Feel free to join everyone! This giveaway ends on the 07 July 2018. And please help MB to spread the love and the words about this giveaway, so more bloggers will join my first time giveaway.
List of Participants will be update soon!