Thursday, May 1, 2014

Late Repost : Happy Birthday My Number One Hero

23 April 2014. 

To daddy with love,

Happy Birthday, Selamat Hari Jadi and Sanah Helwah to my daddy, Pengiran Awang Halifah bin Pengiran Abdullah. Did you know about the safest place in the world? It's your shoulder! On your birthday, I wish to thank you for every single thing you've done for me in life, every single smile you've given me, every single tear that you've gulped on my behalf. In all my life I had a gift. A gift that was kind and caring. A gift given from the Almighty. A gift I like to call him Dad. No matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, I would never be able to thank far enough for all your love and care you filled my life with. No matter where I go in life, who I get married to, how much time I spend with guys, how much I love my Mr.Sepet, you'll always be my king, my hero and my number one man. Im proud to be your daughter, dad. You was a good husband for mummy and a great father for us. May Allah bless you King Of my Heart always and our family. Muahmuahmuah

Your 'Little Cute Girl'


  1. Haha.. comel :) Happy belated birthday to your dad ^^

  2. sweet XD If its me.. I'm not that close with my dad :)
    anyway Happy Belated Birthday to your dad..
    wish he always happy and healthy aamiin XD

  3. Comelnya...hehe, anak ayah ker? Hepy Birthday to Miss Boo's daddy (^^,) Have a joyful life, stay healthy daddy...

  4. happy belated bday utk ayah kak boo boo haha


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